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Used/New SOC Containers

Used and new cargo services are specialized services provided by logistics, freight forwarding, or transportation companies to assist in the handling, storage, transportation, and delivery of both new and used goods.


The services typically involve the following:

Inventory Management: Used and new cargo services help businesses manage their inventory efficiently. They provide solutions for tracking, organizing, and storing goods in warehouses or distribution centers, whether they are new products awaiting sale or used items awaiting resale.
Packaging and Labeling: Service providers in this field offer packaging and labeling solutions tailored to the specific requirements of both new and used goods. This ensures proper protection and presentation of the cargo during transportation and storage.
Value-added Services: Depending on the specific requirements of clients, used and new cargo services may include value-added services such as quality inspections, refurbishment, repackaging, labeling, and customization of products. These services help prepare the goods for resale and meet customer specifications or market demands.
Regulatory Compliance: Service providers in the used and new cargo industry ensure compliance with relevant regulations, such as product safety standards, labeling requirements, and customs formalities. They help businesses navigate the complexities of international trade and ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

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